Greeting all, reasonable weather was had for the session although the weights were well done from what we have been used to so far this season. The venue it self is suffering from the lack of rain we are having this year, check out these close up’s of the far bank.


Looks hard work!! Kudos to Brett who still managed Second Place on this Peg. bank2

Cashing in on the day was Tim Rowland with respectable 19lb 6oz well done Tim!!,

DSC_0322_350x233 Doesn't look like 20lb of fish does it

Brett Gagin on the dodgy peg above managed to bag a catch of 15lb 12oz to claim second place.

Third place was taken by Chris Low with 9lb 2oz

Well done all three of you

Here is the full place listings for the day:-

Peg Name Weight Place Points
1 Tim Rowland 19lb 6oz 1 30
14 Brett Gagin 15lb 2oz 2 25
8 Chris Low 9lb 2oz 3 22
4 Carl Garton 8lb 13oz 4 20
13 Andrew Rolph 8lb 6oz 5 19
10 Jason Smith 7lb 13oz 6 18
12 Paul Craddock 7lb 3oz 7 17
2 G. T. Smith 6lb 5oz 8 16
9 Rob Thomson 3lb 8oz 9 15
3 Mick Ritchie 2lb 15oz 10 14
7 Geoff Woolley 2lb 9oz 11 13
11 Pete Bradbury 1lb 5oz 12 12
5 Sid Thawley 1lb 4oz 13 11
6 Paul Howard 7oz 14 10

Finally here are the photos that were took on the Day:-

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