Not so good weather for this match, it had rained all night and few showers were had during the session. I picked peg 2 near the carp park,  right in the corner of the lake. Before starting fishing  I thought I had picked a reasonable peg. How wrong could I be.

Here is the view across the lake from my peg

P1000696_350x262   P1000697_350x262


After Several hours trying to get bites of the feeder, I finished up with a measly 1lb 10oz of small roach and perch. An embarrassing last place for the day. 1st place on the day was taken by Jason Smith, in peg 17 with a whopping 77lb 9oz superb catch and Well done! (strangely peg 17 was in the complete opposite corner to my swim… now I know where the fish were)

P1000703_350x262   Weighing in the match winning weight
(Far left Jason Smith, Right Carl Garton)
Tim Rowland get second place with another great weight of 72lb 15oz, good work Tim a close second.
Far Right an anxious Tim Watching the Scales 

Third place was taken by Pete Bradbury weighing in with 51lb 12oz, good work.


Here are the full list of the weights and places for the day

Peg Name Weight Place Points
17 Jason Smith 77lb 9oz 1 30
19 Tim Rowland 72lb 9oz 2 25
13 Pete Bradbury 51lb 12oz 3 22
21 Carl Garton 47lb 6oz 4 20
9 Paul Craddock 30lb 2oz 5 19
12 Colin Green 23lb 3oz 6 18
3 Rob Thomson 20lb 14oz 7 17
5 Chris Low 19lb 2oz 8 16
8 Brett Gagin 17lb 9 15
25 Mick Ritchie 16lb 15oz 10 14
11 Paul Howard 7lb 12oz 11 13
12 Sid Thawley 2lb 15oz 12 12
13 Andy Rolph 1lb 10oz 13 11


Well that's about it for now, if any one is interested in writing for this blog let me know. Perhaps someone can write a match report on the next match.

Here’s all the pics I took on the day enjoy

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