What a glorious day for the first match. The lake was fully booked 3 separate matches were being held on the lake,we were allocated pegs 1 through 16. The fishing was as usual for our match’s sporadic and hard work.


Taking the days top spot was Brett Gagin with a whopping 46lb 4oz from peg 1 WELL DONE Brett!!!.

Mick Ritchie getting the second place spot on peg 4 (the golden peg unlucky not!) with a weight of 38lb 3oz.

Finally third place was taken by Rob Thomson with 20lb 7oz

Well done to the three of you

Click photo to view full size pic Note:this a large file)

The full run down of the days weights is below

Position Name Weight
1 Brett Gagin 46lb 4oz
2 Mick Ritche 38lb 3oz
3 Rob Thomson 20lb 7oz
4 Jason Smith 17lb 12oz
5 G. T. Smith 14lb 8oz
6 Chris Low 10lb 4oz
7 Geoff Wolley 8lb 10oz
8 Paul Craddock 7lb 10oz
9 Rich Wolley 7lb 3oz
10 Colin Green 6lb 15oz
11 Pete Bradbury 6lb 1oz
12 Sid Thawley 4lb 12oz
13 Andrew Rolph 3lb 5oz
14 Carl Garton 3lb 1oz
15 Paul Howard 1lb 9oz
16 Dave Buckley D.N.W


Thats it for now catch you all next month

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