Well new year new season the first league match of 2011 is nearly upon us. We are a small fishing club based in the Hinckley area, we have 7 matches booked through the year and run a points system on each match to find an overall season winner.

here are the fixtures for 2011

10th April  

Shearsby Valley – Alders Lake
(Saddington Road, Shearsbey)

8th May  

Higham Lane Fishery (near Wykin)
(By the entrance to Springhill farm)

5th June   Lychgate Lane – Match Lake
(upton Lane, Stoke Golding)
10th July  

Holly Farm – Trotters GILLS Lake

21st August   Maynes Fishery – Lake 2
(Stokes Road, Hinckley)
11th September   Peatling Match Lakes – Lake B
9th October   The Riddings Fishery – Folly Pool
(Watling Street, Grendon near Atherstone CV9 2PE)

As usual the draw will be at 8am fish from 9am – 2pm

I will post a match result and hopefully some photos from each match

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